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Frequently asked questions and answers

How do I order a meal?

If you are a new customer, you can register with us by calling our office telephone number provided on our leaflet.  If you are an existing customer, you can place your order by calling the telephone number of your personal cook.  You can also place your order using our contact form on the ‘contact us’ page on our website.  Ideally we would prefer to be given no less than 24 hours notice for your request, however we will always do our very best to accommodate you where possible even at the last minute.

What areas do you cover?

We currently serve meals in Halesworth, Holton, Wenhaston and Wissett, Beccles, Worlingham, and Loddon, Earsham, Bungay, Ditchingham, Harleston and Wortwell. We are currently implementing expansion plans resulting in more areas being available, so do periodically check our website for updates.

What if I need to cancel my meal?

If you need to cancel your meal then please telephone your personal cook or you can advise your delivery driver of any changes to your order.  We do prefer to be given at least 24 hours notice to action your request, however we do understand that in some instances this is not always possible and a situation may arise at the last minute.

How can I pay for my meal?

Your bill can be settled either by paying with cash or cheque on a daily/weekly basis.  Or alternatively an invoice can be raised and sent/emailed to a family member and can be settled via bank transfer.  We find this to be a welcome option should a customer be uncomfortable with handling money.

Do you provide a service on bank holidays?

We don’t have a set rule for this, it will depend on your personal cook.  However, we will always inform our customers in writing of our plans approximately one week prior to the bank holiday.  In the event of our service being unavailable, our customers do have the option of a frozen microwavable meal(s) should this be required.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Unfortunately, we are unable to cater for those with special dietary requirements.  Given that we are producing food on a large scale and there is generally only one cook, it would be difficult to produce several different meal choices at the same time.

What if I don’t like something?

In the event that you dislike a particular dish, please do let us know.  We will always try where possible to provide you with an alternative.

Is all your food and produce fresh and home cooked?

Each dish is cooked fresh every morning, we are proud to say we do not have a microwave in our kitchen. We provide freshly peeled potato's and vegetables, accompanied by one frozen vegetable. Our supplies and produce are always of excellent quality.

Do you provide different portion sizes?

Upon request, we are able to provide a smaller or a larger portion size to suit your appetite.  The cost of a main meal will however remain the same. 

What happens in bad weather?

Where possible we will always do our very best to provide a service, even in particularly poor weather.  On the very rare occasion of extremely heavy snowfall and icy conditions, we may decide that it would not be deemed safe for our delivery drivers to make the journey to you.  There may also be road closures.  Should this ever be the case, our customers will always be notified as early as possible and we can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Is my personal information safe with you?

All customer details are recorded and stored in a safe and secure place at all times.  Our delivery drivers are required to each read and sign our Privacy Policy to comply with General Date Regulation Protection.  Key codes are encrypted and only a member of our staff will be able to decipher them.


Do you have separate winter and summer menus?

We have tried our best to incorporate and consider all seasonal tastes.  Whilst we can appreciate that each individual will have their personal preferences, we can only do our best to try to provide a wide variety to ensure there is something for everyone.

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